• Bio SpeedCLEAN™ Belt 3-Pack
  • Bio SpeedCLEAN™ Belt 3-Pack
  • Bio SpeedCLEAN™ Belt 3-Pack

Bio SpeedCLEAN Belt 3-Pack

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Keep your Bio SpeedCLEAN™ Vacuum Cleaner working in peak performance by changing your belt every three months.

Why so often? The drive shaft or motor pulley turns the belt which causes the roller brush to turn, providing the necessary agitation to deep clean your carpet. After three months of use, the belt stretches, causing the belt to slip on the drive shaft. This means the roller brush will move slower or not at all.

First, unplug the cord and flip your sweeper over. It only takes a few minutes to change your replacement belt by using the step-by-step directions found on page 7 in your EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN Vacuum Cleaner’s Owner Manual.

Always use genuine Bio SpeedCLEAN vacuum belts. Use of other products may result in poor cleaning performance, potential vacuum cleaner damage, and may void vacuum warranty. Genuine Bio SpeedCLEAN products are designed for maximum cleaning performance.